The Thornsett Band was established in 1876.
The band has had some good and bad times. In the 1930s, under the celebrated conductor William Halliwell, they enjoyed a period of excellence. Again in the 1960s under Bryan Taylor they were revitalised and in 1967 they won the Junior Shield at Belle Vue.
Other major achievements include a third section national championship in 1974 and East Midlands second section championship in the 1980s.
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It was later on in the 1980s that most of the experienced members left.
Thornsett Band thankfully didn't go the same way as many of the other local band and kept going. The band then, as now, was run by Dave Ford and Maurice Hallam. They recruited local youngsters, started the 'Junior Band' as a feeder band to the main band. The junior band still takes learners and teaches them. It is a fantastic opportunity for a young person to learn a instrument, and probably where the band have got the reputation as "Thornsett Youth Band".