Principle Cornet


Alan Bamber

Started Playing
2003 at the Thornsett Mini Band

Other Bands
Chapel-en-le-frith Town Band, Besses o' th' Barn Band.

Memorable Banding Moment(s)

Comming 2nd at the Buxton Contest with Chapel-en-le-frith Town Band.
Bringing in a poster with me, Ben Body and John Cossee's face on it saying "wanted for murdering the last note". Mourices face was a picture.

Favourite Pieces.
'Victory of love' by Eric Ball, 'Wonderful Healer' by Dean Goffin.

Somthing About Yourself.I learnt to play at Thornsett Mini Band, and then moved up the ranks at the main band from 3rd cornet all the way to principle. I then joined Chapel-en-le-frith Town Band (but still stayed at Thornsett) and I have had some fun times there. I then joined Tintwistle Band for a bit but found it was not the band for me. So I went back to Chapel. This year (2013) I did the regionals with Besses o'th' barn band under Alan Whychly I am still playing there. Last summer I went to Brass band summer school. I enjoyed it so much that I plan to go back again this year.