How to join the band

To join the band you can simply come along to a practice held every Monday. 6pm – 7pm during term-time. This might be a daunting, so you can make contact via email and one of the senior members of the band can discuss the band with you.

A new starter, without any experience will get 1 to 1 tuition to get the basic techniques before graduating into the junior band with the other learners. You don’t need to buy an instrument; you will be given an instrument. When the musical director feel you are ready to move into the main band they will let you know and invite you to stay on for part of the main band practices held straight after the Leaner Band 7pm – 9pm. This way learners can gain confidence playing and transition into the main band easier.

If you are already an experienced brass band instrument player, you can come along to the main band practice held on Monday 7pm – 9pm and have a blow.